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For The Longest Time!
The blooms of your orchids will stay fresh longer if you follow these simple steps:

Do not let water stagnate in between their leaves, as it promotes bacterial rot that may kill plants like Phalaenopsis.

Do not let plants sit in water, as their roots will rot and plants will die.

Do not water them too often.
Most orchid plants need watering once a week, some every 10 days or so. When placed in decorative containers (baskets, china,...) they take longer to dry out, so stretch your watering interval by a few days .

Water your plants properly (see watering instructions).

Do not expose them to drafts, however faint, of forced air heat or air conditioners. Such drafts, however faint, will dry buds and flowers in no time.

Do not place them next to or on top of heat sources (radiators, refrigerators,...) as these heat sources continuously dry the air around them and this will dessicate your plants.

Do not expose them to direct sun in the middle of the day. Leaves will burn & flowers will wilt.

Maintain reasonable temperatures: day time temperatures from 65 F to 85 F and night time temperatures from 50 F to 65 F will keep your blooms fresh for the longest time.

If your air is dry, mist leaves and buds (but not open flowers) once or twice per day.

Thank you.
Your plants will reward you by staying fresh
for the longest time they can.

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How To Properly Water Your Orchids