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How To Properly Water Your Orchids
Water your plants with room temperature
or lukewarm water
Water that is 10 degrees F colder or warmer than room temperature will damage the cells of plants (not only orchids). The water you use should feel comfortable to the touch, not cold nor hot.

Water from the top till water runs freely
through the drainage holes.
Or immerse the pot in water up to about 1/2" below the rim of the pot and let it absorb water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Water only on sunny days and
water early in the day (before 12 noon)
By watering early in the day and only on sunny days gives you a much better chance that any water that got in between leaves or new growth will evaporate before nightfall.

Wipe out any water that splashed on or in between leaves.
No matter how careful you are when watering some water may (and will) get in between leaves or new growth. Water staying there may cause crown rot and this will, in most cases, kill your Phalaenopsis or the new growth on other orchids.

Do not water too often, it kills orchids.
Follow our instructions. If you doubt whether they need watering, do not water!
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